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What I Will Learn in Journalism School (or Application Essay Redux)

I am inspired by the variety of career possibilities that stem from advanced study in applied and theoretical approaches to journalism.

A journalist balances the roles of observer, recorder, and curator.  Through my journalism training, I will be able to work independently and conceive innovative ideas depending on the topic and format, yet also collaborate within a team of multiple viewpoints.  My multifaceted interests, including such diverse silos as business, healthy living, and psychology, inform my perspective and thus my writing.

(Bear with me through the next set of affirmations, as it’s the only way to reconcile paying tens of thousands of dollars for instruction in a currently tenuous field.)  I will cultivate my writing style and personal voice as an author, learn to ask probing questions, and engage readers.  I will be able to create compelling content with staying power that plants indelible images and ideas in the minds of readers.  I will glean investigative training and learn how to adapt my approach for the platform, as well as for the audience, to be a powerful rhetorician and reporter.

I aim to expose readers to new topics and ways of thinking in a top quality, approachable fashion.  If “the medium is the message” as Marshall McLuhan asserted, I aspire for readers to follow my writing through inevitable changes in medium, whether magazines, radio broadcasts, or online moderated discussions, because of the credibility and skills that I have earned during professional journalism school.  It will build my aptitude for critical thinking, efficient communication, and swift decision-making, along with my credentials as a discerning and reliable source.  Ultimately, the rigors and structure of a graduate Journalism program will challenge and mold me into an effective communications leader.