Welcome to Groomed Journalism!  Or is it Journalism Groomed?  Either way, thanks for stopping by.  Like any good news article, I’ll lead with the 5 W’s and, of course, the H.


I’m a 20-something career shifter, shifting my way from government consulting to a Master’s program in Journalism.  My happy thought is somewhere between humorously fat cats and chai tea lattes.


This blog will chronicle my graduate school experience, from investigative assignments and trial-and-error multimedia projects to internships and journalism philosophies.  The “groomed” in Groomed Journalism refers to both “caring for the appearance of; to make neat and trim” as well as “to prepare, as for a specific position or purpose.”  You may have heard rumors about the decline of journalism; it’s true in some ways, but is reversible.  I believe in newspapers – broadsheet and digital – and quality, verified reporting.  It’s time to give Journalism a fresh haircut and upgrade its lens prescription, it’s time to groom the next generation of journalists.


Why J-School or Why Blog About J-School?  You’re in luck, I’ll respond to both.  It’s been a long, unexpected, expensive path to grad school and this program in particular.  As a liberal arts major, I dreamed of saving the world one social services office at a time or at least via legal measures.  Instead, I went corporate and spent several years writing proposals and toying with way too much Excel.  As satisfying as this work sounds, I was not satisfied.  I took the GMAT and applied to business schools, then realized that math is not my strength (the universities informed me of this deficiency, as well).  After, I took the GRE and applied to nutrition programs, then realized that hard sciences are not my strength (the universities informed me of this deficiency, as well).  I pursued another interest – writing – and the universities concurred.  I’ve always been interested in reading and writing content for newspapers, so this feels like a natural fit.  To boot, I’ll gain some technical skills in audio, video, web design, and photography; it’ll be a blast, I swear!

When researching journalism programs, one question popped up more than others: Is Journalism School Worth It?  Some say it’s a way to build connections and learn basics, while others argue that all you need to be a journalist is a writing implement and printing platform.  I’m hedging on the former, and will document my experiences, challenges, and thoughts in an effort to arrive at a suitable answer.


Right now, Fall 2011.  Hopefully I’ll walk away with a diploma and some knowledge next year.


I’m attending a large East Coast university.  No, it’s not Columbia.


By employing the tools and experiences that I’ll pick up during grad school, sprinkled with Google’s help.


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